Devon Clarkson

Artist Biography

Devon Clarkson born 1991 in Georgetown Texas, where he also was raised. He had an extremely curious imagination which enhanced his gift for art at a young age. It began with his first character drawing of Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket at the age of seven. A drawing he has kept and treasured till this day. Though it wouldn’t be until later that the greater growths and achievements would take form and become a realization.

Devon’s training and experience in replicating the human figure was through an intense four-year art course at Gemini School of Visual Arts. Over twenty-five commissioned portrait paintings in a short time span of a fast progressing art career leaves Devon Clarkson well qualified with portraits in high demand. His belief in realism is distinguishable in every image created. His efforts and quality are highly noticeable in the amazing paintings he produces.

This development of accuracy along side the technique of oils over fast drying acrylics allows him to bring to existence, a realistic paintings in a timely manner, which is essential when doing portraits for clients.


Certified in visual arts

Completed four year art course at Gemini School of Visual Arts. Obtained skills in digital design, Adobe photo shop, Adobe illustrator, photography, life drawing (figure), book cover illustration, traditional fine art painting and excelled at creating realistic portraits.

Specializing in photo restoration

Ability to reconstruct corrupted photos to there original state. Torn, loss of color, blurred, scratched etc. I can fix it.

Mastery of realistic portraits

Natural capability towards constructing the human figure. Enhanced through intense training and anatomy study.